Sell Us Your Multi Unit Property
When it becomes necessary to sell one or more of your multi family/multi unit properties the Normandy Group is your solution.   We are always looking for creative owners/sellers of multi family/multi unit properties in the U.S..  In addition to selling us your property, you can still enjoy the benefits of multi family/multi unit Real Estate ownership without the hands on involvement by partnering with us!  We take care of all aspects from geographic area analysis and property acquisition to the day to day property/asset management tasks.

Property Management
Normandy Group offers a variety of property management services that range from basic Property Management services to our Asset Management services.

Asset Management
Our Asset Management services are a more comprehensive extension of our Property Management services.

Area Analysis
Before you buy a property or sell an existing property our Area Analysis can provide you with a wide-ranging overview of the geographic area to help identify certain dynamics about the surrounding areas to use as a tool to help you establish value for a property you are purchasing or one you are selling.

Property Analysis
We can give you a complete analysis of your existing apartment building/apartment complex or one you are considering to purchase.