Who is Nelson J. Zambrano?

Former VP of a Lloyd’s of London broker, handling Special Risk insurance in Latin America.

During his time in this market, he grew his assigned territories well over 50%, to include being publically recognized by Hiscox, the premier insurer for all Special Risk lines.

Previous to this he was a mutual fund wholesaler with Evergreen Funds, being instrumental in Evergreen launching its first ever offshore fund, aimed specifically at foreign investors.

  • He is also a US Army Officer (Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) US Army Reserve) having been recalled to active duty numerous times after 9/11.
  • Served in Infantry, Special Forces and Military Intelligence units, in the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Having lived, worked or visited nearly every country in Central and South America, either in an official capacity as a US government official or representing a large multi-national institution. This gives him a unique perspective with cross-border and cross-cultural issues in today’s business world. He has also worked and lived in many Middle Eastern countries as well.

Nelson J. Zambrano is a candidate for the 2014-2015 USAA ADVISORY BOARD. USAA (United Services Automobile Association) is a financial services & insurance company.

Note: USAA ranks 58th in net worth among Fortune 500 and 139th for revenue.

He has extensively studied and has been mentored by some of real estate industries best, being accepted into the highly competitive mentorship program American Corporate Partners (ACP), giving him access to very senior leadership at Deloitte. He focuses on both on commercial property and single family and. His training background ranges from recognizing U.S. Emerging markets, Asset Management, Syndication, and advanced technique such as, Owner Finance, Lease Options, Master Lease Options.

He also completed a project, in which the City of Fort Lauderdale participated by investing into the project (please see enclosed letter from City of Fort Lauderdale). The City of Fort Lauderdale provided CRA (Community Redevelopment Act) funds and city resources into one of multifamily properties. He had to go before a board of City officials (Vice-Mayor of Fort Lauderdale) and other local business leaders in order to receiving this funding.

No small feat, since this occurred 2008-2009 during the time of the largest economic meltdown the U.S. has been thru since the Great Depression of the 1930’s.

He is an officer in his local (Real Estate Investment Association) REIA that boasts having the highest number of members that have completed real estate transactions among competing REIAs

Mr. Zambrano also earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Georgia.

Key note speaker:

He was selected to be a guest speaker at the CIMPI (Congreso Internacional de Mercadeo & Publicidad Incluyente) International Conference on Publicity and Marketing in Cartagena, Colombia May 2014. Speaking alongside Real Estate legend David Lindahl, who has co-authored book with Donald Trump, on the topic of Real Estate investing.

Regularly networks with industry leaders, many facets of conversation includes

  • Money Managers
  • Deloitte Leadership
  • American Corporate Partners
  • Urban Land Association
  • City and County officials
  • Economic Development Council
  • Leading Mastermind Groups
  • National Association of Hispanic Real
  • Estate Professionals (NAHREP)