The Normandy Group has provided a wide range of solutions to multi family/multi unit property owners across the U.S.. Our multi family/multi unit solutions range from working with property owners to structure creative ways for Normandy Group to purchase their properties to a full suite of services for multi family/multi unit property owners; some of the services offered include property management, asset management, property analysis and geographical area analysis.   In addition to our Multi Family Services, we offer a full range of Hotel Consulting services for independent and major owners and managers to help keep their hotel properties running at high levels of profitability.

Normandy Group’s goal is to provide quality services to help property owners maximize the values of their multi family/multi unit and/or hotel properties.

About Our Name
Founder Nelson Zambrano named his new entrepreneurial project Normandy Group, after the historic Normandy invasion in World War II, June 6th 1944. The goals for the new company parallel the goals of the Normandy mission, which was to establish a beach head for the liberation of Europe. This was accomplished thru various Allied nations working together as a team, using detailed intelligence and planning, with aggressive execution.

The goals of Normandy Group, is to acquire profitable multifamily properties, in US based Emering Markets, using teams of experts, who conduct detailed research and analysis to formulate a detailed plan of action and then execute those plans. These are the pillars of Normandy Group. We implement a detailed plan of action after extensive research and analysis to acquire commercial real estate properties.